Reduce the Risk of Benefits Innovation

Case Study: A New Approach to Benefits Education

Brite Offers a New Approach and a Benefits Education Solution

Campbell Companies partnered with Brite to improve the benefits education program.

Using Brite, Smith and his team could create engaging custom benefits education materials, a massive upgrade from traditional, jargon-laden manuals.

Brite uses a questionnaire-style format, to help employees identify their unique healthcare needs and then gives personalized recommendations based on their responses.

This allowed employees to dig deeper into policy elements that matter to them individually, rather than sifting through information in a manual or broker meeting.

The Solution: A smooth, customized, branded experience that feels familiar to employees.

Employee response to Brite was unprecedented. When Campbell Companies partnered with a new insurance company, 35% of employees enrolled in the new plan, a delightful surprise for Smith.

The same insurance company sees a national enrollment average of 3-5% when offered alongside another plan option. Smith and his team felt that educating employees about new options using Brite made innovating on benefits plans less risky for HR.

For additional programs, Campbell Companies experienced a 20% to 43% increase in engagement. 

“Brite brings simplicity to health insurance benefits. With Brite, we have the freedom to be more innovative with our benefits packages, and spend far less time personally educating confused employees.”

Michael Smith

Benefits Manager, Campbell Companies

Employees made better, more informed decisions because Brite delivered benefits education materials in a more accessible, interactive format than traditional methods.

Before Brite, Smith found that most emails went unread and broker meetings were met with blank stares. Now, employees have a source of information they dig into and willingly refer back to for details.

“Having a consistent resource that employees can refer back to again and again is important. Brite helps us provides that, and in a format that’s easy to understand.”

Michael Smith

Benefits Manager, Campbell Companies

For the first time in company history, Campbell Companies had 100% enrollment completion before Open Enrollment ended.

When employees are more informed from the start, they ask fewer questions, saving time for both employees and Smith’s team. This allowed Smith to focus on other aspects of his work, resulting in his biggest success in benefits education.

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