November 2022 Update

We are constantly making Brite better. Here are the notable features and improvements we made in November.

Along with improving our current product, we’ve been hard at work developing new features and are excited to introduce them this month.  

Send Your Course Via Slack | Slack Integration

Today, we welcome Slack to our growing list of Brite integrations. Slack is used by thousands of companies, including many of our own customers, as the primary communication tool for work-related conversations.

Brite users can now send their courses to individual threads and channels directly from Brite. When a course is ready to send, simply hover over the course tile, click Send Course , then select Slack Course Link.

This integration requires someone with Slack admin access to be added as a user in Brite. Once they have the ability to log into Brite, they can complete the entire integration directly from Brite.

Archive Courses

You asked for it and we delivered! Just in time for some post-open-enrollment clean-up, Brite users now have the option to archive old courses.

Archive any course by hovering your mouse over the course tile and selecting the first icon in the list of quick actions.

In addition to the features we’ve introduced this month, we want to give you a glimpse of what we’re working on in the coming months and what the future holds for Brite.

Course Analytics

In the past month, we’ve been working on improving our Analytics offering. We’ve designed and tested various ideas, and based on your feedback, identified the next version of Brite Course Analytics.

The goal is to help you, the course creator, understand how engaged your employees are with your educational content and what you can do to increase engagement. Keep an eye out for updates to Analytics in the coming weeks and into January.

ZyWave Integration

The ZyWave Integration allows Brite to access small-group plan data for most states. Once implemented, it enables users to import medical plan details and premiums directly into Brite. (Eliminating the need to enter this information manually.)

A New and Improved Course Editor

Brite is an efficiency tool for Insurance Brokers and HR Teams tasked with educating employees about their benefits. Because efficiency is so important, we’ve focused on saving you time without sacrificing the quality of content and design of the courses you create.

Our team is fast at work creating ways to generate ready-to-launch courses with a single click—that are on-brand, contain the right educational content, and are templated

In November, we made a lot of fixes and improvements to Brite. From improving the performance of our new Auto Save feature to course formatting, here’s everything we fixed this month.

  1. Fixed formatting issues for Decision Support buttons shown in the mobile view.
  2. Fixed duplicated courses where custom questions were not being brought over upon duplication.
  3. Resolved most but not all delivery issues for email invites going to new Brite users.
  4. Fixed password-protected courses so they no longer re-prompt users to input passwords again when they have navigated to a new page.
  5. Fixed courses where merge tags did not pull in information when a page was first loaded.
  6. Expanded support for characters listed in vanity URLs. We no longer allow slashes or periods, but the characters we do support include anything alpha-numeric, underscores and dashes.
  7. Resolved a few but not all scenarios where deleted pages replaced existing ones. If you run into this issue, you can avoid it in the future by turning on our new auto-save feature in your course settings.
  8. Fixed data integrity issues caused when buy-up/narrow plans are deleted.
  9. Fixed issues where custom questions added to the course in the editor would not show up in employee and admin views.
  10. Fixed login issues for newly added read-only users.
  11. Eliminated duplicated recommendations showing up in Decision Support results.
  12. Resolved loading issues for benefit packages that had certain benefits deleted from the package.
  13. Fixed medical plan pages that were showing the wrong data and headers.
  14. Limited questions per custom product to one when editing the Decision Support tool.
  15. Improved loading speed when opening and making edits in the course editor.
  16. Fixed image resizing issues in the course editor.
  17. Fixed issues when editing a theme for a course.

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