Brite Elevates Benefits Education to Match Company Culture

Case Study: A Modern Approach to Benefits Education

Brite Offers a Modern Approach and a Benefits Education Solution 

Kuali partnered with Brite to improve their open enrollment process.

Using Brite’s decision support tool, employees walk through their benefits options in a questionnaire-style format. Then, based on employee responses, Brite’s innovative technology suggests the best-fit plans available. Brite makes the entire benefits election process more personal and accessible and allows employees to dive into the benefits options that are most important to them.

The Solution: A smooth, customized, branded experience that feels familiar to employees.

Reducing time spent in meetings alone saved Kuali upwards of $120,000, an immediate 8.8x return on investment.

Brite was not only cost-effective for Kuali, but it also provided better benefits education than traditional methods. The HR team was delighted and surprised when they received very few questions during open enrollment.

“I can’t even put a number to how much time we saved.”

Brian Jackman

VP of Ops & People, Kuali

Brite allowed Kuali to deliver an open enrollment experience that matched the company’s values.

Brite’s easy-to-use platform was Kuali-branded, used familiar vocabulary, and provided personalized suggestions for each employee’s needs.

Employees could go through these materials at a time that worked best for them and their families. It enabled HR to deliver an experience that put the employees in the driver’s seat and truly conveyed leadership’s desire to deliver excellent healthcare benefits. 

“Brite teaches employees how they want to be taught about benefits… on their own time and in a language they can easily understand.

Brite continues to be a natural fit for our employees. They are thrilled with the tool.”

Brian Jackman

VP of Ops & People, Kuali

Kuali looks forward to continued savings and maintaining an excellent open enrollment experience using Brite.

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