Improve Employee Benefits Communication with Brite

Improving your Company's Employee Benefits Communication Strategy with Brite

Employee benefits are an important part of any compensation package, yet they are often one of the most difficult things for employees to understand. In fact, a recent survey found that only 14% of employees feel very confident that they understand their benefits. This lack of understanding can lead to problems, such as low participation in voluntary benefits programs and confusion about what is covered by a health plan.

Brite is revolutionizing benefits communication solutions.

Our platform can help your company improve its employee benefits communication strategy in a number of ways.

1. Streamline your communication channels

Brite can help you streamline your employee benefits communication by providing a single platform for all your benefits-related information. Brite also works inside your current communication channels, all of your benefits providers and every HRIS/Payroll vendor in the market.This will allow your employees to easily find the information they need, when they need it.

2. Make it personal

Brite’s custom communications solutions are designed to meet the needs of your unique workforce. We can help you target specific messages to different groups of employees, based on factors such as location, job type, or length of service.

3. Increase engagement

Brite’s solutions are designed to increase employee engagement with your benefits programs. Our solution will help you create interactive communications that will educate and inform your employees about their benefits in a way that is both engaging and entertaining.

4. Deliver communications that get results

There’s no point in investing time and energy into employee benefits communications if those materials aren’t actually going to be read and used by your employees. That’s why at Brite, we focus on delivering high-quality, engaging content that will actually get results. From videos and infographics to webinars and more, our platform lets you create communications materials that grab—and hold—your employees’ attention. 

5. Reinforce your company's brand

Your company’s brand is its reputation—the way employees, customers, and the general public perceive your business. A strong brand can help you attract top talent and build employee loyalty, while a weak or nonexistent brand can damage your ability to compete in the marketplace. Brite understands the importance of reinforcing your company brand through employee benefits communications, and we ensure that, within the content you create in Brite, all of your materials reflect your organization’s unique culture and values. You can control every level of the platform, from the logos and fonts, to the images and videos. Let your brand and your voice be what draws the attention.

Benefits communication plans need to be dynamic, not static.

The needs of your employees—and your business—will change over time, so it’s important to periodically review and adjust your strategy as needed. At Brite, we believe in ongoing evaluation and refinement; and our platform gives you the opportunity to communicate with your employees on an ongoing basis to ensure that your communications plan remains relevant and effective.

Effective employee benefit communication is essential to ensuring that your employees understand and appreciate the value of their benefits package. Brite can help you create a comprehensive communication strategy that will engage and inform your employees about their benefits. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your employee benefits communication strategy!

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