Educating and Communicating Employee Benefits Year-Round

How to Keep Your Employees Educated on Benefits Year-Round

Open enrollment is a crucial time for employers and employees alike. But the need for employee benefits education doesn’t end there. Year-round communication and education are essential in order to ensure that your employees are taking advantage of their benefits and using them correctly. Not only will this help them make the most of their benefits packages, but it also saves both you and your employees money. Brite can provide you with an education platform designed specifically to inform and support your employees’ benefits year-round. 

The Need for Year-Round Education

Employees use their benefits every day, but they may not understand the full extent of the offerings available to them. This lack of knowledge can lead to missed opportunities or misuse of certain features, leaving both you and your employees out of pocket. Educating and communicating employee benefits year-round will not only encourage more comprehensive usage from your team but also allow them to make more informed decisions about which plans best suit their needs and budgets.  This kind of ongoing education leads to improved health outcomes for everyone involved, as well as increased financial stability for both you and your team.  The key lies in finding a platform that provides both education and communication tools that meet your company’s specific needs while still allowing flexibility so that changes or updates can be easily implemented along the way.  

The Importance of Year-Round Communication

To ensure that employees are making informed decisions about their benefits and using them effectively once they’ve been selected, employer communication needs to extend beyond open enrollment. Educating your employees on their options throughout the year can help improve employee satisfaction and save both you and your employees money in the long run. But effective communication doesn’t end at open enrollment; it should be ongoing throughout the year. This ongoing support gives employers an opportunity to keep employees engaged with their benefits by providing timely reminders, and relevant information, such as updates on eligibility requirements or changes in plan offerings due to COVID-19, or helpful tips on how best to utilize certain benefit plans. Additionally, maintaining contact with your employee base will give you insight into which benefit plans are being used most frequently or if there’s anything else you could be doing to provide better support for them in regard to their health insurance coverage or other employee programs you may have available. 

Brite's Employee Benefits Education Platform

Educating and communicating employee benefits is a big task, one that needs to be done throughout the year. Luckily, Brite has developed a comprehensive employee benefits education platform designed to provide employers with all the tools they need to effectively inform their teams about their benefits options year-round. With Brite’s platform, employers can create tailored information guides specifically towards additional resources, information, tips- and more. Integrated communications capabilities such as Slack or text messaging, a streamlined interface that makes it easy for employers to track progress, and much more! With these features at your fingertips, you can keep your employees educated on their benefits year-round with ease. 

It is important for employers to put an emphasis on educating their teams about their benefits packages all throughout the year in order to ensure that everyone is taking full advantage of what is offered in terms of coverage, resources, discounts, etc., while simultaneously saving money in the process. Brite’s employee benefits education platform provides employers with an intuitive set of tools designed specifically towards keeping employees informed year-round while allowing ample flexibility so that changes or updates can be quickly implemented when needed. Investing in an effective employee benefits education program could bring huge rewards for both you and your team – start today!

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