December 2022 Update

We are constantly making Brite better. Here are the notable features and improvements we made in December.

Along with improving our current product, we’ve been hard at work developing new features and are excited to introduce them this month.  

Course Analytics

Brite is built to help you provide engaging benefits education for your eligible employees. The more educated they are about their benefits, the more confident and capable they are to elect the right benefits for themselves and their dependents. The next iteration of Brite’s course analytics is now in Beta.

Brite’s new Analytics experience allows you to clearly understand how many of your eligible employees have viewed your course, how many have finished it, and the average time it takes an employee to complete the course. 

This new update will be rolled out to your account within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Import ACA Medical Plans with ZyWave

This month our team completed an integration with ZyWave to provide our users access to small-group plan data for most states. Now you can import medical plan details and premiums directly into Brite (Eliminating the need to enter this information manually). You can use this feature by clicking the import ACA button when selecting benefits to add to a Benefit Package.

Archive any course by hovering your mouse over the course tile and selecting the first icon in the list of quick actions.

In addition to the features we’ve introduced this month, we want to give you a glimpse of what we’re working on in the coming months and what the future holds for Brite.

A New and Improved Course Editor

Brite is an efficiency tool for Insurance Brokers and HR Teams tasked with educating employees about their benefits. Because efficiency is so important, we’ve focused on saving you time without sacrificing the quality of content and design of the courses you create.

Our team has completed work on the first version of a new course editing experience and we are looking for a handful of users interested in early testing. If you are interested in joining our test group, click here to sign up.

Dynamic Benefit Summaries

Our team is working on adding support for what we are calling Dynamic Benefit Summaries. These will allow users to generate content within their Brite course directly from the plan summary data they upload to Brite. Course content generated in this way can be updated easily as the plan summary information changes or if a new plan summary is uploaded, making for more accurate information within a course and quicker content updates.

With the holiday break, December was a shorter working month for Brite, but here are some of the bugs we fixed:

  1. Issues where Header fonts and styles were not honored when editing a course.
  2. For Slack integration users, issues for users that had to refresh the page to send a new Slack message.
  3. Added pagination for companies using the Slack integration that have large lists of employees that originally timed out.
  4. Issues with opening the PDFs for employees taking Brite courses.
  5. Benefit Packages that were not saving changes to RX deductible field.

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