Unlock Personalized Benefits Education as an HR Team of One

Case Study: A New Approach to Benefits Education

Brite Offers a New Approach and a Benefits Education Solution

The Solution: A customized, mobile-accessible benefits education.

Chatbooks partnered with Brite to improve the benefits education process.

With Brite, Chatbooks could skip the tiresome meetings and send employees a link to custom educational materials created specifically for Chatbooks’ benefits programs. Brite’s platform walks employees through a questionnaire about their healthcare needs, then suggests the best-fit insurance plans according to responses.

Not only is Brite’s platform easy to use, but it also presents materials in an accessible, approachable format. Education materials can be customized to each organization’s culture and vocabulary, keeping employees engaged throughout the process, and employees can quickly scroll through them on a smartphone.

Employees want to take their time and focus on what is most important to them. Brite simplifies the benefits message for them.

Cutting out ineffective meetings put hours back on employees’ calendars and minimized tine spent emailing HR with questions.

“Brite allows me to duplicate myself. The tool is an absolute HR home-run!”

Madison Bohannon

HR Manager, Chatbooks

Brite streamlined the employee experience, teaching employees in an effortless, straightforward format.

During their first open enrollment period with Brite, Bohannon distributed materials on Friday, and by Monday morning, employees were ready to make elections. Throughout the whole process, Bohannon didn’t receive a single question.

“The tool makes everything we offer very easy to digest. The amount of tine and stress Brite saved me was huge!”

Madison Bohannon

HR Manager, Chatbooks

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