Brite Boosts Plan Utilization and Employee Satisfaction

Case Study: A New Approach to Benefits Education

Brite Offers a New Approach and a Benefits Education Solution

Podium partnered with Brite to improve its benefits education program.

Within Brite’s decision support tool, employees walk through benefits in an easy-to-use, questionnaire-style format. Because Brite’s platform is customizable, Podium’s HR team created custom course material for the company’s benefits offering and added Podium’s branding.

The Solution: A smooth, customized, branded experience that feels familiar to employees.

In the first Open Enrollment period, users increased engagement by 3x with Podium’s benefits education material through Brite.

Podium had about 500 employees before using Brite. Those additional 1,000 engagements were partners and family members who Podium’s HR tam previously struggled to reach. 

The increase in engagement led to improved utilization of plan benefits. Telemedicine and hospital indemnity usage went way up. Podium said money because employees were using benefits efficiently, and at the same time, employees raved about the company’s benefits.

“I don’t know that our benefits are better than our competitors, but we do a better job of giving our team members the tools that put them on the right plan.”

Alexis Ferguson

Sr. People Operations, Podium

Along with better plan utilization, Ferguson loves that Brite provides a more personal, approachable quality to benefits education.

Podium’s new benefits education strategy with Brite serves employees far better than traditional in-person meetings with a broker. The data proves that utilization has increased, and employees are no longer asking for detailed explanations from HR.

“We really care that employees pick the best plan!” said Ferguson. Without the time to sit down with every employee, Ferguson fills that gap with Brite to make benefits more accessible using verbiage every employee can understand.

“Brite is a massive efficiency tool for my team. If you want to run your people ops department the best you can, Brite will help you do that.”

Alexis Ferguson

Sr. People Operations, Podium

Podium’s lean HR team onboards 100-150 new hires every month. To get these employees up to speed quickly and efficiently, Podium used Brite to educate employees about their roles as soon as they signed an offer letter. Within Brite’s easy interface, suers could thumbs though educational materials to understand what Podium does and why, all before their first day on the job.

On average, 88% of new hires complete the course. In practice, new employees and HR spend less time in introductory meetings, and employees can get started in their new roles faster.

Despite being a lean team with a heavy workload, Brite allows Podium’s HR team to be intentional and personal with benefits education. And, Brite is more effective as an education tool than traditional methods. The team looks forward to a continued partnership with Brite. 

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